Aqedah - Drama

Aqedah by John McDermott 

Short film         Thriller   Supernatural   Teen    LGBTQ+

Aqedah contains an angel (like Castiel from "Supernatural”), new secret Christian Gospels being discovered and Vatican conspiracies, much like “The Da Vinci Code.”   Biblical times meets the modern-day in a new and exciting way. 


Sacrifice for paradise. 


The Gospel of Simon finds its way into the hands of a suicidal transgender youth who is visited by Vatican priests seeking the Gospel to destroy its existence and an angel who guides the youth through her existential crisis as she is told she is a prophet of the Lord.

Brief Synopsis

Inside a once grand church in New York, homeless people and drug dealers congregate. We meet DELANNIE wearing subtle makeup and a blue blouse. Delannie has recently transitioned into a female. She carries a brown briefcase and sits on a pew. The self-inflicted cuts on her arm are fresh and she teases a knife over her wrists. If she was to kill herself right here, right now, God would have to take notice.

A homeless man, GEORGE, threatens to take the briefcase from her. George realizes Delannie is transgender and says she is an abomination and shouldn’t be in a church. Delannie stands her ground and George shuffles back into the shadows. Her dad phones her wishing her a happy birthday. He calls her “Daniel” which doesn’t go down well. Her dad realizes his mistakes and apologizes.

We meet the ANGEL for the first time.  Delannie assumes he is one of the drug dealers she passed at the back of the church. He says his name is Angelo and he is angel that spoke to Abraham and Jesus. Delannie presumes he is getting high off his own supply. The angel says that God loves her for who she is. “Male or female, He loves them the same” and “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Delannie gleefully listens.

The angel tells Delannie the combination to the briefcase. She opens it up. Inside is an old Papyrus scroll written in Koine Greek. It is the fifth Gospel, the Gospel of Simon. It alludes to the angel and places a great emphasis on his role in Jesus’ mission. The angel explains this Gospel cannot fall into the wrong hands.

MICHAELANGELO and RICCARDO enter the church. They are two Vatican priests who have been sent to retrieve the Gospel at all costs.  The angel tells Delannie they are running out of time. She is a prophet of the Lord who has been sent to protect the Gospel. Delannie laughs. How can a transgender be a prophet?

Michaelangelo has a note that promises the Gospel will be in this church at this exact time.  Michaelangelo asks what’s in the briefcase. Delannie says “drugs.” Disappointed that the Gospel was not in the church, the two priests leave.

Delannie and the angel discuss her mission. George approaches with five men and insists Delannie give him the briefcase. The angel stands up and spreads out his wings surrounded by a bright light. George and his cronies scarper. The angel vanishes. Delannie places her knife on the altar and leaves the church with the briefcase.

Michaelangelo recognises the angel from a painting in the Vatican vaults. He rightfully assumes that Delannie is a prophet of the Lord and that the Gospel was under their noses the whole time. He must find Delannie and the Gospel as soon as possible.