Glasgow City Beautiful - 2nd edition

Updated for the new decade, Glasgow City Beautiful' invites the reader to explore this exciting and vibrant city with a superb collection of over 250 carefully selected full-colour photographs. Each image is accompanied by a fully informative caption. Through the book, we discover Glasgow's Roman history, life in and around Glasgow Green and the well-known sights of the city. With fabulous architecture from world-famous architects, delightful parks, works of art, shops, bars and cafes, it is a city which has something for everyone. 'Glasgow City Beautiful' is more than simply a photo guide, it is a celebration of this wonderful city. Each step you take through this delightful city reveals another facet of its exciting history; from the busy streets of the West End to the serene Botanic Gardens; from ancient edifices to modern structures. 'Glasgow City Beautiful' brings together an exciting combination of outstanding old buildings and striking modern structures, which is guaranteed to appeal to residents and visitors alike. This book takes the reader on an exhilarating journey through the streets, squares and parks of this thriving city, and shows why Glasgow truly is a City Beautiful

Glasgow City Beautiful - 1st edition

 Take a walk around the city of Glasgow and you will see that it is a place of contrasts and full of architectual history. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 full colour photographs, Glasgow City Beautiful allows you to glimpse aspects of the city that you may never have seen before. John McDermott has captured the cultural essence of Glasgow and compiled it delightfully within these pages, to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. This is the City Beautiful.

Glasgow, by the way

 I hope in 100 years someone uses my new photos as their archive photos and I wonder how much Glasgow will have changed then. Will the Victorian buildings still be present and the parks?
Over 9000 archive images, left the C number so you can easily find the image if you go to
Some photos have dates, other have postmarks (pm) as were postcards and this was the date it was posted.
Some are the same photos as my GCB book, some are new and up to date. Others have not been included but still have old archive photos, go and find them yourselves.
Just selection of areas I know best, grew up in Jordanhill, went to Glasgow uni and lived n the west end. Go and do your own research on your own area.

Go and see the new locations for yourself and make sure I stood at the right spot.
More than two thirds of 50 top landmarks as voted for by public in 2010. (pdf)
Some of new areas don’t have an archive photo so are not included in this book, but will be included in other book.  

Edinburgh City Beautiful