John Richmond         GO6 – 1 Hour TV Pilot (Sci-Fi)     


The tone

John hacks the machine from Person of Interest on his way to meet Team Scorpion.



Our reality has been created by a time travelling AI satellite called Go6.  Our fate has been reprogrammed.  On 21st June 2020, 100 years ago, the world was destroyed by a solar flare.  The world didn’t have the technology to save itself.  There was no Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or the internet. Go6 was just a surveillance satellite until its AI program was activated so it could come up with a solution.  It did.  Go6, along with John, half machine / half human; its assistant on earth, have spent the past 100 years, and trillions of simulations, travelling forward and backwards in time, creating, and evolving this reality we are living in.  Now our world has the technology and intellect to enable Go6 to save the world.  But at what cost? 


The teaser

It is 11th June 2020, 100 years ago.  There is very little technology, and everything looks dated, like it is the 1980’s.  There is mass panic as people’s skin starts to burn and buildings go on fire.  Seconds later a large solar flare passes where Go6 was in orbit, hits and destroys the earth.  At the last second, Go6 managed to travel back in time and save itself.  Now its calculations start. 


The world

The world is exactly as Go6 wants it to be.  Not too advanced, not too rich, just right. Science is full of fluke discoveries, but it is Go6 at work, influencing and forcing us to evolve quicker.  In its pursuit of saving the world, Go6’s actions on the few, effected the many.  Countless innocent people were not who they were 100 years ago, for example Mr. Taylor was the President of the United States: he is now a taxi driver.  John and his team must change these person’s lives allowing them to be who they were destined to be.  Other animal life had a chance to adapt to their environment.  For example, killer bees with the world’s deadliest venom, now look like normal household flies.     



JOHN - John is 34 years old and is half human / half machine with an implant in his brain.  This allows him to communicate with Go6 and have access to all the info Go6 has.  He is its assistant on earth.  John can teleport to any time and anywhere in the world.  Clark Kent is his role model, but without the glasses. 


DR. WEBBER - He is Ryan’s uncle.  He works for the FBI and has connections with the President.  He is fit and well-built, but a few grey hairs are creeping in.  Straight talking and sharp shooting, he is an asset to any team. 


RYAN - He is Dr. Webber’s nephew, whom he admires.  He has just moved away from home and is slowly getting his bearings in life. He is insanely clever and can hack into anything.  He is like a kid in a toy store being surrounded by all this technology. 


CLAIRE - She is John’s Psychiatrist.  She is the best in her field and has worked with many famous people.  Can Claire get to know, and document John; the world’s first human / machine hybrid with an implant linked to the most powerful computer ever created?  Not everyone gets his quirks and jokes, and with her help, she can save John getting even more punches to the face. 


LUCY - 100 years ago, she helped program Go6 and was the top in her field.  But she has evolved in the Rainforests of Papua New Guinea to be one of the most advanced humans ever.  Plus, she now has an implant similar to John’s which allows her access to Go6.  She is integral to the team. 


The Pilot

100 years ago, in March 2020 the President of the United States reveals the existence of Go6 to Dr. Weber and Ryan.  Its purpose is to provide surveillance and has access to all the CCTV cameras, and digital information on the planet.   The President reveals the threat of the solar flare in three months’ time which can destroy the world.  Go6 is earth’s final chance to save the world.   Its AI software is activated and it can now think for itself.  During its surveillance of the pyramids, Go6 works out how it can time travel.  Now it can keep going back in time, trillions of times until it finds a solution to the world’s destruction. 


It is now March 2020, 100 years later and the world is how we know it, with technology everywhere.  Go6 is burning out, it has used up most of its storage: it keeps going offline. 

John must save the President, and Ryan who have been kidnapped.  A Russian terrorist group want to fire nuclear weapons on China.  However, as Go6 is sometimes offline, they are hard to find.  John must rely on his own intuition, and can’t rely on being teleported through space and time.  Ryan leaves bread crumbs including info on an uploaded Facebook video.  When Go6 does come online we see its full potential analysing feeds, CCTV cameras and algorithms until it tracks them to an office block.  John teleports and rescues Ryan and the President nano seconds before the President launches the nuclear weapons.  But now the President knows the existence of Go6 and John. 


At a museum, John tells Claire the REAL history of the exhibits, that Go6 has influenced all the great thinkers in the past.  A few more convincers and Claire now knows the truth about John, Go6 and what has happened over the past 100 years.  With Lucy joining the team, John brings everyone up to speed: their mission: help everyday people fulfil their original destinies before Go6 changed their reality. 


The series

They must discover how the world has changed over the past 100 years including finding a way to deal with new killer animals that have evolved.  Ultimately, Go6 and the past 100 years of manipulation must be kept a secret, and the mission must always come first.  However, it is clear that Go6 has developed emotions over the past 100 years.  It has changed the world once, will it do it again?  And can anyone stop it? 


Future Episodes

Ravel – Ravel was a world-famous composer.  All this changed when he was falsely accused of rape.  He lost everything.  The team must prove his innocence.

Sting! – John and his team try to stop a swarm of killer bees from attacking residents on a remote island and stop them making their way onto the mainland.

Lucy – Lucy, a member of the team, has spent the past 100 years evolving in the rainforest.  We find out more about her unique superhuman gifts and how she adapts to her new life in New York.

Deoxy – Anything you can do; Adam and Eve can do better.  Is it their DNA, their environment, or has GO6 made them this way?

Faresi IslandSeason 1 finale – John drifts in and out of a coma.  Has he been imagining everything we have seen so far?  He must escape off the island in order to come out of his coma.  


The full script can be found here on Dropbox