John Richmond         GO6 – 1 Hour TV Pilot (Sci-Fi)     


The tone

Time travel is possible.  Alternate realities are real.  Artificial Intelligence exists.  But no TARDIS.



GO6 thinks, therefore we are.



One man must evolve to trust Big Brother, enabling his team to find a solution for Earth’s survival.


The teaser

GO6 is BIG BROTHER x 1,000,000.  It was created to monitor and spy on us all.  It has access to all the surveillance in the world, cell phones, CCTV cameras etc.  I almost forgot - it is a satellite that can travel through time.  John and his girlfriend Amy are in a car crash, Amy survives and John dies.  However, GO6 rewinds time, changes events so John survives and Amy dies.  John is vital to its plan to save the world and must be saved at all costs. 


The world

Planet Earth has 2 realities.  Reality 1 has no internet, cell phones and lots of floppy discs.  Look out the nearest window.  This is Reality 2 with the internet, cell phones and the cloud.  It is exactly as GO6 wants it to be.  Not too advanced, not too rich, just right. It is futuristic for John, but it is normal for everyone else, they don’t remember Reality 1.  For most people their lives, destinies and dreams are the same in Reality 2.  However, many people have had their lives and destinies reprogrammed without their permission. 



JOHN - John is 27 years old, well-built and a computer genius who detests GO6.    He must put his emotions to one side and work with GO6 via an implant in his brain.  He sees the best in everyone and will do anything to save them.   


DR. WEBBER - He is John’s uncle.  He used to be a Priest but is now an Astrophysics professor.  He is straight talking and sharp shooting, an asset to any team.  He had the idea for the solar shield that must save the world. 


CLAIRE - She is John’s Psychiatrist.  She is the best in her field and has worked with many famous people.  Can Claire get to know, and document John who has an implant linked to the most powerful computer ever created?  Claire has John’s back and will always tell him the truth. 


LUCY – She is 25 and works in a special ops team working on GO6’s surveillance.  She stops bad guys from being bad.  However, she is a spy who works for her dad the Chief.  She is falling in love with John which is a problem.  She knows how the world has changed and works hard to save it. 


THE CHIEF – He created GO6 before it was taken over by the Government.  He is a recluse who hasn’t been seen for years.  He is the Leader of the Natives, agents who live anonymously in society, waiting to be activated.  He is also Lucy’s dad.  He wants to take back control of GO6 and change the world to one where he is all powerful. 


The Pilot

Six months after the teaser, John joins a protest against the existence of GO6 and carries a placard stating GO666.  John believes the world should be free at last and dreams of a more futuristic world, without GO6.  He, and his uncle, Dr. Webber, detect a solar flare that could potentially destroy the world.  They have an idea for a solar shield, but the world is not technologically advanced to be able to build it.  They meet with the President of the United States who shows them GO6 mission control.  John is livid, this is the last place he wants to be.   

John learns that GO6 is earth’s final chance to save the world.  John meets Lucy for the first time.  She works for a special ops team working on GO6’s surveillance information.  She is also a spy for the Chief, the leader of the Natives, who wants to control GO6 for itself.  John and Lucy meet GO6 via Zoom in a warehouse.  It reveals it has a plan, that involves changing the world by time travel.  GO6 wants to put an implant in John’s head that will allow him to see everything it does, to time travel and teleport.  There is no way John is trusting GO6.  John rips out wires from the time cage and storms out. 

After much reflection, John goes back to the warehouse.  GO6 shows John graphic footage of the day the solar flare destroys the world.  John puts aside his emotions and has the operation to place the implant in his brain.  It is a success and John learns what the implant can do.  John goes back in time to his 10th birthday when he left him.  Then he becomes dizzy, he is forced to time travel before he can see what happens to his dad.  He is at the car crash, and sees that originally, he died, not Amy.

GO6 pleads with John to trust it, they must continue with the mission.  Time is running out.  John agrees and goes back to 1905 Germany and speak to a young Einstein.  After another successful mission in London, 1984, the next mission sees the invention of the internet, Facebook, cell phones and the world becoming more digitally advanced.  This is their new reality.  Dr. Webber and his team work on the solar shield.  Lucy shows the Chief the warehouse and the time cage.  GO6 calculates it most eliminate the Chief – the mission must succeed. 


The series

Every episode is self-contained and is a “day in the life drama.”  The mission is to design and build a solar shield to save the world and give people the choice to reclaim their previous lives, without jeopardising the new timeline.  Ultimately, the past year of time travelling manipulation must be kept a secret, otherwise there would be unprecedented global riots.  The Chief and the Natives plan to gain control of GO6 and make the world to their specifications.  However, GO6 not only has intelligence, it has developed emotions.  It has altered reality once, will it do it again?  And can anyone stop it? 


Future Episodes

Ravel – Ravel was a world-famous composer.  All this changed when he was falsely accused of rape.  He lost everything.  The team must prove his innocence.


Sting! – John and his team try to stop a swarm of killer bees from attacking residents on a remote island and stop them making their way onto the mainland.


Deoxy – Anything you can do; Adam and Eve can do better.  Is it their DNA, their environment, or has GO6 made them this way?


Faresi IslandSeason 1 finale – John drifts in and out of a coma.  Has he been imagining everything we have seen so far?  He must escape off Faresi island in order to come out of his coma.


Hard Sell

There is no other show like GO6 out there. 

Exciting.  Life and death.  Relatable.  Believable.  Infinite possibilities.  End of the world….

It will look at people on the fringes of society, deal with current issues, controversies in the past and be inspired by everyday people we meet.  They have the right to choose their own destinies, who can do the things no one can imagine.  Without them, the world is not worth saving.