POW - short film - Drama



John is a captured American soldier and when a new prisoner joins him in his cell, he tells him his favourite story about King David, a vital tool to remain focused and keep strong – their codes and secrets can’t fall into the enemies hands. 


The world

A dark basic cell in the depths of a Russian camp. 


Brief synopsis

John has only his thoughts for company in his dark cell.  For 6 weeks the Russians have been trying to crack him, they want his secrets and codes.  John has remained strong.  Asif is dragged into his cell one evening.  He is weak and has been tortured like John.  In an attempt to keep his spirits high, John tells Asif his favourite Bible story, the story of King David, the King with the sling. 

John becomes close to breaking point and Asif is close to death, when there are gunshots.  John has been saved – he is free to go, but Asif has another fate….