POW - short film - Drama


Genre: Drama

Format: Short film

Logline: An American soldier, who after being captured by the enemy forces, makes some dark discoveries about himself.


The world: A dark basic cell in the depths of a Russian camp. 

Brief Synopsis:  POW is a short 20-minute drama in which two prisoners of war are subjected to phycological torture with the aim of them giving up codes. While waiting for their seemingly inevitable violent death, the two prisoners engage in a plan to escape while wrestling with the theological morality of their actions.



JOHN is thrown into a dark cell, Bible in hand with a dog collar. He asks PETYR, a Russian guard, if there were any survivors, and Petyr says no before torturing John to get John to reveal codes. After he’s tortured again, John meets his cell-mate SAMUEL, who is also an American but unlike John is not a Christian.

After Petyr beats John again, John tells Samuel that he was saved by an exploding mortar by a mysterious light. Samuel plans to attack Petyr the next time that Petyr takes John, but John waves him off. As he continues to hear the tortured screams of the prisoners, John continues to pray. Samuel says that he used to be a good Christian, but that the war changed his views on that. Samuel and John continue to talk about the biblical story of David as their situation worsens.

Samuel keeps trying to convince John to go along with his plan, but John is adamantly against participating in a killing. When he’s beaten by Petyr again, John realizes that it’s time to kill or be killed. As he is overpowered by Petyr and forced to reveal the codes at knifepoint, he is saved by soldiers led by Sergeant Jones. Petyr is killed in the blast, and John tells them not to kill IVOR. When John asks what will happen to Samuel, Sergeant Jones remarks that John is the only one there.

After being led out of the cell into the daylight, John opens his bible to 1 Samuel 17:51, where the code words are written out. John tells the soldiers to make sure his Bible and the dog collar are returned to Chaplain Miller.