I have written nine full length screenplays and they have all been registered for copyright at     # 1598042  (Sept 12)

All my screenplays have a low to medium budget and can be shot for under $1 million. The target audience varies, Faresi Island is universal, In Me is for teens, and Ravel for a more sophisticated older audience. I have written a screenplay for every genre, budget and target audience.

The nine screenplays are as follows:

Faresi Island    Cerebral thriller 

To be on a desert island is everyman’s dream, but what if being on an island was just one man’s dream?

In Me       Rom Com 

Love makes the world go round, but sometimes you have to stop the world to catch it

Ravel - Drama

In a world where there's little hope, there's always the Bolero.  

Aqedah - Drama

When an angel knocks on your door, will you answer it?

Deoxy - Drama / Sci Fi

Anything you can do, they can do better 

This Time Last Time - Thriller

Who has the time for time travel?

Gestalt - Horror

 Chain mail letters, curses and ghosts are real, pass it on...

Sting! - Horror

 If you don't hurt these flies, they will kill you

Camel - Drama

What will be the straw that breaks Mr.Camel's back?

I have also composed and arranged the soundtrack for the first three movies. Ravel was my favourite because in my film he is a well known conductor and the Bolero is one of my favourite pieces of music ever.